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RKK Radio Museum samples
at RAEM Memorial Museum

  • 20 W.S.d - VHF transmitter, part of  Fu 7 SE 20 U (Fu 7) 20-watt vehicular radio. 42.1-47.8 MHz, A2 / A3,
    20 W output. Powered by dynamotor from 12 VDC vehicular battery. Manufactured by Lorenz from 1936.

    The 20-watt  Fu 7 radios (20.W.S.d transmitter and  Ukw.E.d1 receiver) were part of Command A.F.V. (tank)
    radios to provide ground-to-air link. The air-to-ground link was covered by 
    FuG 17 airborne radios.

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