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National HRO and its German Replicas

  • AQSt - General purpose communications receiver, another copy of National HRO. Covers 0.18...45.0 MHz in 8 sub-bands, A1 / A3. Band switching by manual change of plug-in coil sets. Same micrometer dial as in National HRO receivers. Manufactured by Funkwerkstätten Bernburg in East Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR) from late 1940s and into 1950s. 

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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"AQSt" is an acronym for "Allwellenempfänger mit Quarzfilter und Störaustastung" or All-Band Receiver With Crystal Filter And Noise Silencer. AQSt receivers have been manufactured for DDR post and other telecommunications authorities. Some of AQSt receivers have been exported to China around 1951. 

Cabinet design of AQSt is slightly different from National HRO and Körting KST. No top lid on the case, receiver chassis goes out of the case together with its front panel which is made of dye-cast aluminum-bronze alloy. A real heavy duty design…

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