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National HRO and its German Replicas

  • Falcke KST - Post-war German replica of National HRO apparently made out of remaining Körting KST parts by "Adolf Falcke Apparatebau" located in East Berlin. 

    To be continued after the picture set...

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Time of production supposedly around 1945-1949. Painted blue just as other Adolf Falcke products like audio frequency test generators, etc. The "Adolf Falcke Apparatebau" is in business today but no one of its contemporary owners knows anything about "KST-Berlin" manufacture right after the WW II… 

The "Falcke KST" looks very similar to Körting KST yet bears some differences. Front panel instrument and buttons are not the same, no "KST" or "Körting-Radio" tags, logo of "Adolf Falcke Apparatebau" in the upper right. Inside same layout yet some of the tubes are East German copies of Western tubes.

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