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National HRO and its German Replicas

  • HRO-5T - National Company communications receiver. Covers 0.05...30.0 MHz in 9 sub-bands, A1 / A3. Band switching by manual change of plug-in coil sets.

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All HRO receivers had very special appearance due to the very unusual micrometer dial combined with tuning knob. The micrometer dial had five windows where numbers from 0 to 500 were visible. Those numbers were changing in steps of 10 when tuning knob was rotated by the radio operator. 

The operator had to convert the reading on the knob into frequency by looking at a curve on the front of the coil set, yet this only gave a general indication of frequency. HRO military versions shipped to the UK came with individual calibration booklets giving the dial reading for each kilohertz. 

Many National HRO receivers were supplied to the USSR by the Lend-Lease Act in 1942-1944, primarily HRO-5T with metal tubes. National HRO was also one of the most copied receivers of WW II. There were German, Japanese, British, Australian and Swiss copies known. Some of HRO replicas are on display in this Showcase.

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