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US Army Radios

  • T-74 / CRT-3 ("Gibson Girl") - Life-raft transmitter used for sea rescue purposes, part of AN/CRT-3. Pre-tuned to the international distress frequencies 500 kHz and 8280 kHz. A2 only, up to 5 W output. Provisions for both automatic and manual keying. Manufactured from 1944.

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Powered by a built-in generator operated by a hand crank. Shaped to fit between the knees of operator, watertight and capable of floating. With wire antenna 100 m long raised up by a kite or a balloon operating range was about 300 km to a rescue aircraft flying at 600 m.

From 1942 there was another rescue radio set, SCR-578 manufactured in the United States based on BC-778 transmitter which was capable of operation on 500 kHz only.

The prototype of BC-778 was German NSG 2 (Notsender 2) of 1941. The BC-778 in turn served as a prototype for Soviet rescue transmitter, "AVRA-45" of 1945.

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