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German Wehrmacht Equipment

  • FuMB 4 (aka "Samos" or RS 1/5 UD 42) - Specialized VHF receiver for direction finding and radio measurements. Covered 90.0...470.0 MHz, A1 / A2 / A3 and F1 / F2 / F3. Designed by Technical laboratory of Dr. Rohde and Dr. Schwarz (nowadays Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG). Manufactured from 1942. 

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"Samos" receivers have been used by German submarines to monitor the 200 MHz band searching for the radar signals of approaching British bombers primarily in the Bay of Biscay where German Navy (Kriegsmarine) had five large submarine shelters along French coast.

After British and American bombers switched over to 10-cm radars (3 GHz), "Samos" receivers have become obsolete as submarine equipment.

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