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Field Telephones of WW II

  • 2005-W - US-made field telephone with magneto signaling in a wooden cabinet supplied to the Red Army. Made in 1943 by Connecticut Telephone & Electric. 

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The 2005-W field telephones have been supplied to the USSR thru Amtorg Trading, a New York corporation with 100-percent USSR capital. The telephones were modified to accommodate a pair of 2C (2S) dry batteries of USSR manufacture yet could run as well, on two BA-30 dry batteries ("D" cells). 

All designations on the 2005-W telephones as well as their schematics have been made in Russian (Cyrillic) letters. WHD = 280 х 230 х 115 mm, weight with two BA-30 - 5.4 kg. 

No information about 2005-W supplies to the USSR could be found in the comprehensive War Department report of 1946.

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