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Field Telephones of WW II

  • IAA-44 (ИАА-44) - US-made field telephone with magneto signaling in a metal cabinet supplied to the Red Army. Made by Connecticut Telephone & Electric on 1944 order.

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Another example of a special make of field telephone to be supplied to the Red Army. This telephone was designed to accommodate a pair of 3C (3S), not 2C, dry elements of USSR manufacture which had the capacity of 30,000 mAh which was quite favorably compared to the 8,000 mAh capacity of Soviet 2C or American BA-30 dry batteries. There was a compartment for a pair of BA-30 inside IAA-44 anyway.

All designations on IAA-44 and its schematics were in Russian language. WHD = 250 х 250 х 100 mm, weight - 6.1 kg.

Funny enough but spelling of the model name of this field telephone (ИAA-44) was not fully compatible with Latin alphabet (Russian letter "И" looks a stranger). No information about IAA-44 supplies to the USSR could be found in the comprehensive War Department report of 1946.

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