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Field Telephones of WW II

  • EE-108 - Sound powered field telephone with magneto signaling in a leather carry case. Manufactured by Telephone & Electric Division of Great American Industries, Inc. (Meriden, Connecticut).

    To be continued after the picture set...

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The EE-108 sound powered telephones were manufactured on order No. 14552-Phila-43. Yet Model EE-108 telephone was not listed in the document TM11-487 "Electrical Communication Systems Equipment"  of October, 1944. Most likely, the US Army considered those sound powered telephones as accessory equipment, not the battlefield equipment. 

On our site, we have instructions to Telephone EE-108 both in English (see document 57-43-01) and in Russian languages (see document 2-43-03). 

Judging by U.S. War Department document "Lend-Lease Shipments, World War II"" of December, 1946, the supplies of EE-108 sound powered telephones to the USSR were quite impressive - over 75,000 sets (see topic "EE-108, Batteryless").

Dimensions of EE-108 in leather carry case WHD = 196 х 240 х 90 mm, total weight - 3.8 kg.

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