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Field Telephones of WW II

  • EE-8 Demo - US-made EE-8-A field telephone taken out of its leather bag to demonstrate special modifications made before supplying the telephones to the Red Army.

    To be continued after the picture set...

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The most important of those modifications were add-on parts which made possible to use the USSR domestic 2C (2S) dry batteries as replacement to the standard BA-30 batteries ("D" cells). 

Our Demo shows a pair of 2C batteries connected as well as a pair of BA-30 batteries installed. In real field operation either a pair of 2C or a pair of BA-30 batteries would be used. 

To accommodate a pair of 2C batteries, the leather bag of EE-8 telephones had to be extended by about 1 1/2" (WHD = 230 х 250 х 90 mm)

Other modifications included Cyrillic designations on the telephones and schematics and instruction manuals in Russian language.

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