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USSR Field Telephones

  • TAI-43 (ТАИ-43) - USSR field telephone with magneto signaling, model 1943. Housed in a wooden cabinet, using 1.5 VDC internal battery. WHD = 280 х 210 х 110 mm, weight with battery 4.6 kg. 

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TAI-43 is referred to as the best USSR field telephone of WW II. It has remained in production till 1957 when TA-57 has become basic field telephone of Soviet army. 

From 1943 and up to late 1945, the TAI-43 field telephones have been manufactured in wooden cabinets. Bakelite cabinet for TAI-43 making it look similar to FF-33 field telephone of German Wehrmacht, have arrived only when one of German factories producing FF-33 was moved to the USSR.

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