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German Field Telephones of WW I

  • FF-17 (Grosser Feldfernsprecher 17) - German field telephone, "bigger" model of 1917 with magneto signaling. Phonetic signaling possible using plug-in buzzer. Batteries inside wooden telephone cabinet. Manufactured by Siemens & Halske.

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The "bigger" FF-17 was introduced quite close to the end of WW I and apparently not so many "Grosser Feldfernsprecher 17" units have been manufactured. There was also "smaller" model of 1917 manufactured which is much more difficult to find than the "bigger" FF-17.

WHD = 280 х 225 х 100 mm, weight (less battery) 5.0 kg.

The shape and size of "Grosser Feldfernsprecher 17" cabinet have later been reproduced in 1926 field telephone, the FF-26 (Feldfernsprecher 26).

Our appreciation to Eric Siegel for some pictures that we have copied from his very informative site FIRST WAR TECHNIK.

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