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German Field Telephones of WW I

  • FF-16 (Feldfernsprecher 16) - German field telephone, model 1916. Phonetic and magneto signaling. Wooden cabinet with internal compartment for batteries. Handset of a special shape characteristic to 1916 models only. Manufactured by Siemens & Halske. 

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The 1916 field telephones FF-16 (Feldfernsprecher 16), have replaced the "Eiserner Feldfernsprecher" of 1915. At first, FF-16 Type A telephones arrived which have been based on "Feldfernsprecher alter Art" design. But this model proved to be too expensive and was soon replaced by FF-16 Type B. 

Manufactured in fairly large quantities, the FF-16 Type B field telephones are the most frequently found specimen of German WW I field telephones these days.

WHD = 340 х 200 х 155 mm, weight (less battery) 7.9 kg.

Starting 1916 models, staff field telephones of German army became self-contained with batteries installed in a special compartment inside the telephone cabinet.

There were two different makes of 1916 handsets known. Early make had earpiece with a rubber cushion while late make had wooden earpiece. Both are on display in our museum.

Our appreciation to Eric Siegel for some pictures that we have copied from his very informative site FIRST WAR TECHNIK.

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