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German "People's Receivers"

  • VE 301 G - "People's Receiver" (Volks-Empfänger) powered by DC networks. Long Wave (LW) and Middle Wave (MW) broadcast bands. Wooden cabinet. 8-pin side-wall connector for plug-in accessories. Could be used to listen to HF-Drahtfunk in Long Wave band.

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The first three of the "People's Receivers" introduced in 1933 were VE 301 W, VE 301 G and VE 301 B. All of them were regenerative receivers with a single tuned circuit. By law VE 301 had to be sold at the fixed price of 76 RM (Reichsmark) for VE 301 W and VE 301 G or at 65 RM for battery version VE 301 B.

In 1933-1938 VE 301 receivers were the cheapest in Germany. The VE 301 G was manufactured by AEG, Braun, Blaupunkt, Brandt, DeTeWe, Emud, Graetz, Grassmann, Hagenuk, Koch & Sterzel, Körting, Lange, Loewe, Lorenz, Lumophon, Mende, Nora, Owin, Philips, Reico, Saba, Sachsenwerk, Schaleco, Schaub, Seibt, Siemens, Stassfurt, Tefag, TeKaDe, Telefunken, Valvo, Wega (all from Germany), Eumig, Hornyphon, Ingelen, Kapsch, Minerva, Radione, Zerdik (all from Austria). Manufacturer's name could be found only at the rear wall of a VE 301 receiver.

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