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German Field Telephones of WW I

  • iMT1 (Handapparat, FF alter Art) - Handset of the very first model of staff field telephones, the "Feldfernsprecher alter Art" of 1905. Cylindrical body made of aluminum and covered with black leather. Long push-to-talk key going along the handset body, no other keys. Earpiece with thick felt cushion.

    To be continued after the picture set...

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This handset looks similar to 1905 model of "Armeefernsprechgerät alter Art" yet lacking two service buttons. This is easily explainable if we take into consideration that it was just part of a staff field telephone, not a stand-alone device.

Length of the handset - 275 mm, receiver diameter - 100 mm, weight - 1.0 kg.

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