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VE 301 and DKE Accessories

  • VCL11 Sub - VCL 11 replacement module using a pair of RV 12 P2000.

    To be continued after the pictures... 

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When WW II was over plenty of DKE (Deutscher Klein-Empfänger) components have remained in stock at several manufacturers. Yet some of the components have become very, very rare. One of the most wanted components was VCL 11 (tetrode-triode) tube which was designed just for DKE receivers. But all production of VCL 11 tubes was discontinued after May, 1945. 

German radio manufacturers have found their way around by replacing VCL 11 with a combination of two Wehrmacht pentodes RV 12 P2000 which during the WW II was the most common tube for Wehrmacht equipment. There were about 16.8 million RV 12 P2000 tubes produced in Germany before May, 1945, so there was no problem to get such vacuum tubes in any quantities.

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