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  • Typ 30700 (Kurmark Emfänger) - A 4-valve superhet designed by Lorenz for "Gemeinderundfunk" (Community Broadcast). Covered LW and MW broadcast bands, required separate AF amplifier. This receiver was made by Klangfilm, not by Lorenz.

    To be continued after the picture set...

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"Kurmark-Empfänger" was designed and manufactured by Lorenz in 1938-1940 for local community broadcast (Gemeinderundfunk). Has been part of W 105 V community broadcast set together with separate AF amplifier (Kurmark-Verstärker), LP player and external loudspeaker.

The fact that receiver Typ 30700 made by Klangfilm had the same design as "Kurmark-Empfänger" by Lorenz is a sure proof that such receivers must be treated as "Gemeinschafts-Erzeugnis" products, i.e. the same type of products as "People's Receivers" VE 301, etc.

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