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German Wehrmacht Radios

  • 2B38 - 2 VDC lead storage battery (accumulator), one of the options to deliver filament voltage to WR kl. battr. 

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2B38 lead accumulator (2 VDC, maximum capacity - 38 A/hrs) was one of the possible options to deliver filament voltage to WR kl. battr. troops entertainment receiver. The full list of options as seen from the picture of WR kl. battr. filament switch is as follows: 

Three 1.25 VDC dry elements type ELL, or 2 В 38 lead accu, or 2.4 VDC NiCad accu type 2,4 NC 28 or 2,4 NC 58, or 4.8 VDC NiCad accu type 4,8 NC 10, or either of two car batteries (6 VDC or 12 VDC).

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