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German Wehrmacht Radios

  • 30 W.S.a (mod.1) - Early version of 30-watt transmitter, part of Fu 8 Commander tanks (Sd. Kfz. 267) radio set. Covered 1,120…3,000 kHz, A2 and A3 modes. Manufactured from 1940 by Lumophon and other companies in Nuremberg area. Our sample was made in 1944.

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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Fu 8 - Commander tank 30-watt radio set (full identification - Fu 8 SE 30) consisting of Mw.E.c receiver and 30 W.S.a transmitter. Used for long range communications to the staff commanders. 

The 30 W.S.a transmitter employed six tubes - two RV 12 P 2000 pentodes, one RL 12 T15 transmitting triode and three RL 12 P35 transmitting pentodes. Powered by U 30b dynamotor. 

Dimensions (WHD) - 490 х 250 х 220 mm, weight - 26.4 kg. 

30 W.S.a transmitters were also used as part of Fu 20 (Fu 20 SE 30) and Fu 22 (Fu 22 SE 30) radio sets for stand-alone tank battalions and reconnaissance squads. Both Fu 20 and Fu 22 consisted of 30 W.S.a transmitter and Torn.E.b receiver. 

Late version of 30 W.S.a (mod.2) with stop-ring to provide for two fixed operating channels could be found elsewhere in this showcase, too.

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