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German Wehrmacht Radios

  • Torn.E.b - Late version of infantry and vehicular TRF regenerative receiver. Covered 97 to 7,095 kHz, A1 / A3. When in armored fighting vehicles, powered by 12 VDC vehicle battery and EW.c power supply unit. Designed by Telefunken in 1935, late version in production from 1943. 

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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Torn.E.b receiver was part of nine different vehicular radio sets from Fu 9 to Fu 25 and even had its own identification - vehicular reception set Fu 1 TE. 

This Torn.E.b sample was made in 1945. Early version of Torn.E.b receiver of 1937 along with its very rare accessory compartment (Zubehörkasten) could be found in our Showcase No.3.

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