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German Wehrmacht Radios

  • 15 W.S.E.b - Infantry two-man pack HF radio. Also used as vehicular radio. Covered 3.0…7.5 MHz in two sub-bands, A1 / A3, 15 W output. Designed by Telefunken. 

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Model 15 W.S.E.a radios manufactured in Germany from 1939. Starting 1942, model 15 W.S.E.b radios assembled in Riga, Latvia, on former VEF factory which during German occupation was renamed to "AEG Ostlandwerk GmbH". 

When used by infantry in the field, 15 W.S.E radios powered by TM 15a hand generator and EW.f1 power supply. 

When in armored fighting vehicles, 15 W.S.E radios powered by 12B75 battery, U15a dynamotor and EW.e power supply. In Wehrmacht nomenclature, this 15-watt vehicular radio was identified as Fu 19 (Fu 19 SE 15).

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