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German Wehrmacht Radios

  • E 52a (Köln) - Luftwaffe HF communications receiver (Ln 21000). 1.5…25.0 MHz, A1 / A3. Using the same type of tubes all over - RV 12 P 2000 pentodes. Manufactured by Telefunken from 1943. 

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E 52 was designed by Telefunken as part of Luftwaffe contract for four receivers (E 51, E 52, E 53, E 54) all similar in appearance, to cover all the usable frequency spectrum up to 120 MHz. 

E 51 "Leipzig" was a double-conversion superhet covering Long and Middle waves. But Wehrmacht already had enough receivers for frequencies below 1.5 MHz. This is why only E 52 "Köln" and E 53 "Ulm" were approved for service. E 54 "Kulm" has never seen production because WW II was over. 

There were nearly 10 different models of "Köln" receiver designed including five models equipped with servo motors (E 52a, E 52a-1, E 52a-2, E 52c and E 52d). The servo motors supported mechanical memory to store and retrieve up to four different frequencies with very high accuracy. Same servo motors provided for remote control of two other E 52 receivers for direction finding purposes. 

Two of the "motorized" E 52 receivers are displayed in our museum. On top of this E 52a (Ln 21000), one may find E 52a-1 (Ln 21000-4) in our Showcase No.8.

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