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German Wehrmacht Radios

  • Ukw.E.e - Tank VHF receiver, part of Fu 5 tank radio set. 27.2…33.3 MHz, A2 / A3. Powered by E.U. a4 unit from 12 VDC tank battery. Manufactured by Telefunken from 1936. 

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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Fu 5 was widely used 10-watt VHF tank radio set (full identification Fu 5 SE 10 U) consisting of Ukw.E.e receiver and 10 W.S.c transmitter. After 1938 each of German tanks (Pz.III, Pz.IV, etc.) was equipped with Fu 5 radio set and additional Ukw.E.e receiver which was identified as Fu 2 (Fu 2 EU). 

Later in the war years, Ukw.E.e came to replace more bulky Ukw.E.c1 receivers in 20-watt tank radio sets Fu 6 and Fu 13. For more information see Ukw.E.c1 in our Showcase No.4R.

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