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German Wehrmacht Tubes

  • Torn.E.b / 24b-305 - Early version of infantry two-man pack TRF regenerative receiver. Covered 97 to 7,095 kHz, A1 / A3. Manufactured by Telefunken from 1936.

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Torn.E.b receiver was designed by Telefunken in 1935 using brand new Wehrmacht vacuum tubes, RV 2 P 800 pentodes. Powered by 90 VDC dry battery and 2B38 lead storage battery (2 VDC at 38 Ah) or just by 2B38 and EW.b power supply unit delivering 100 VDC. Power sources were placed inside special compartment called "Zubehörkasten".

Model designations like "Torn.E.b / 24b-305" have been in use in German Wehrmacht till 1939. Later the receivers would have just "Torn.E.b" on their labels. Our Torn.E.b / 24b-305 was made in 1937. 

In 1943 there were some modifications introduced to the receiver circuit and Torn.E.b appearance has become slightly different. Late version of Torn.E.b made in 1945 could be found in our Showcase No.4R. 

Besides infantry, Torn.E.b receivers have been widely used by Wehrmacht motorized troops including tank reconnaissance and radio monitor cars. More about such mobile radio sets (Fu 1 to Fu 25) see in the description of our other Torn.E.b of 1945.

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