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Military Radios of the USSR Allies 

  • BC-348-R - Airborne communications receiver. 0.2…0.5 MHz and 1.5…18.0 MHz, A1 / A3. Powered from 28 VDC by DM-28 dynamotor. Made by Belmont Radio.

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There were over 15 different BC-348 models manufactured in the USA starting 1938. The total number of BC-348 receivers manufactured during WWII exceeded 100,000. Most massive production was on 1943 orders which have been awarded to Belmont Radio (BC-348-R) and Wells Gardner (BC-348-Q).

The BC-348 receivers were first used as part of SCR-260 and SCR-287 liaison radio sets together with BC-349 and BC-375 transmitters, and later as part of AN/ARC-8 liaison radio along with AN/ART-13 radio transmitting set. WHD = 460 х 210 х 230 mm. There was FT-154 mounting base used with BC-348 when in the airplanes.

The BC-348-R receiver is also listed on site.

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