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Radio Equipment from the USA

  • V-100-B - Infantry HF radio for use at company and battalion levels. Covered 3.0…7.0 MHz, A1 / A3, up to 15 W output in A1 mode, 5 W output in A3 mode. Powered by hand generator. Manufactured in 1942-1945 for supplies to the USSR.

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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Dimensions (WHD) of the radio - 470 х 370 х 245 mm. Weight of the radio in a carry bag - 22.7 kg. On top of radio and hand generator, the V-100 set included antenna carriage of 18 kg containing 2.5 m long whip, a dipole and two 6.6 m high antenna supports. There were three men required to carry all the V-100 radio belongings.

Both V-100-A and V-100-B radios were manufactured by Pilot Radio Corporation (Long Island City, NY) on special contract with AMTORG, a US company with 100% USSR capital. According to the contract, radios had to have all the panel markings and technical documentation in Russian language.

There is a scanned copy of V-100 manual in Russian language available.

Our V-100-B radio has its front cover separated because of lack of space in the showcase.

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