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Lend-Lease Radios 

  • ВС-312-NX - HF communications receiver, 1.5…18.0 MHz, A1 / A3. Powered from 14 VDC by DM-21B dynamotor or from 28 VDC by DM-21CX dynamotor. WHD = 460 х 254 х 230 mm. Weight without dynamotor - 26.3 kg, weight with dynamotor - 29.5 kg.

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BC-312 receivers were used with several radio sets including mobile sets SCR-399 and SCR-499 which were supplied to the USSR by The Lend-Lease Act. 

There were 12 different BC-312 models manufactured by different US companies including ВС-312-A, -C, -D, -E, -F, -G, -J, -L, -M, -N, as well as BC-312-HX and -NX. 

We also have in our possession, bulky and heavy BC-610-E transmitter which was part of SCR-399 and SCR-499. This BC-610 used to belong to late Ernest Krenkel (RAEM), famous polar radioman. Currently our BC-610 is on display at the RAEM Memorial Museum.

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