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Military Radios of the USSR Allies

  • Wireless Set No. 38 A.F.V. - Armored Fighting Vehicle (A.F.V.) short range HF radio designed to link W.S. No.19 tank radios with the infantry W.S. No.38 Mk I portable radios. 7.3-9.0 MHz, A3 only, 0.2 W output. Manufactured from 1944. No Lend-Lease shipments to the USSR.

    To be continued after the picture set...


WS No.38 A.F.V. radio consisted of transceiver (WHD = 165 х 102 х 267 mm, weight - 3 kg) and power supply with AF amplifier (WHD = 152 х 102 х 292 mm, weight - 3.6 kg). Whip antenna, length 1.2 m or 2.4 m or 3.6 m. Listed on site.

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