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Lend-Lease Radios 

  • WS No.19 Mk.II (Wireless Sets No.19 Mk.II) - HF and VHF tank radios in one common cabinet. Frequency bands 2.0…6.0 MHz (A1 / A3, up to 9 W output) and 229…241 MHz (A3, 0.4 W output). Separate power supply unit. WS No.19 HF sets have been used also as transportable and fixed radios. 

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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Designed and manufactured in the UK from 1941. Manufactured in Canada and in the USA from 1942 for delivery to the USSR by The Lend-Lease Act. Our sample apparently was made in the USA yet there were no manufacturer's labels on the radio and its power supply unit. 

The label we currently have on our radio was taken from another WS No.19 of British manufacture. Such British radios have been delivered to the USSR from late 1941 before Lend-Lease supplies from the USA started in 1942.

Dial and panel markings on our WS No.19 sample are made both in English and Russian. On top of the radio, three W.S. No.19 control modules of Canadian manufacture are visible. All the control modules are marked in English and Russian, too. 

WS No.19 dimensions (less power supply unit) - 444 х 216 х 318 mm, weight - 18 kg.

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