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Lend-Lease Radios

  • BC-654-A - HF radio, part of SCR-284. Covered 3.8…5.8 MHz, A1 / A3, up to 17 W output (in A1 mode). Manufactured by Crosley Corporation from 1942. Supplied to the USSR by The Lend-Lease Act.

    To be continued after the picture set...

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In the Red Army such radios were called "SCR-284-A". An original of the "Temporary Instruction for SCR-284-A Radio" in Russian language may be seen to the right of the radio. Those interested in the content of the "Temporary Instruction..." are advised to download a scanned copy of the document (Adobe Acrobat, 5 MB)

WHD = 457 х 355 х 248 mm, weight - 21.6 kg. Some accessories used with BC-654-A radio are on display in the adjacent cell of this showcase. 

Because of the lack of space in the showcase, the front cover of our BC-654-A was separated and placed just behind the radio. There is J-48-A key visible which was firmly attached to radio's front cover.

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