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Radio Equipment from the USA

  • BC-611-B - Short range handy-talkie HF transceiver, part of SCR-536. One crystal controlled channel in 3.5...6.0 MHz band, A3 only, 0.35 W output. Using 1 m long telescoping whip antenna which could be seen partially extended in our display. Made by Galvin Mfg Corp. on 1942 contract. 

    To be continued after the picture set...

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BC-611 radios have been designed by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation (now Motorola) in 1940. The first production runs of BC-611-A took place in 1941 to be followed by BC-611-B in 1942. Elsewhere in our showcases we also have BC-611-F radio which was manufactured from 1944.

WHD = 92 х 400 х 136 mm. Weight (with batteries) - 2,5 kg. Fully extended whip length - 945 mm.

There are two of five miniature tubes on display that have been employed in BC-611 radios as well as two dry batteries, BA-37 and BA-38, that went inside BC-611.

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