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Some vintage books from RKK Radio Museum library

  • At the left, there is a book "Practical Wireless Telegraphy" by Elmer E. Bucher (New York, 1917). 

    At the right, there are two German books with the same title "Die Funktelegraphie" ("Radio Telegraphy"). Those are the 1st and the the 3rd editions of the same book by H. Thurn issued in Leipzig and Berlin in 1907 and 1915 respectively. We also have the 2nd edition of this book printed in 1913. 

    In between the books there is a home-made composition on display consisting of Loewe-Radio 3NF "multi-purpose" vacuum tube and a pair of vintage coils that served antennas in broadcast radios of 1920s. 

    The 3NF "multi-purpose" tube contained three triodes, four resistors and two capacitors all in the same vacuum space. Introduced in 1926, the 3NF was in fact world's first integrated circuit (not a "micro chip" though).

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