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German Field Telephones of WW I

  • iMT3 (Handapparat, Horchgerät Waetzman) - Handset of underground noise monitor set of WW I. Manufactured by Siemens & Halske.

    To be continued after the picture set... 

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"Horchgerät Waetzman" consisted of a sensitive microphone welded to a rouund shaped platform and of the handset that we have on display. All the parts were delivered in a wooden crate which in fact was a cabinet of "Iron" Army Field Telephone (Eiserner Armeefernsprecher) which became obsolete after FF-16 field telephones arrived.

The "Horchgerät Waetzman" was used to detect underground enemy activities of digging tunnels for explosives. Such activities have been quite common at certain periods of WW I when both counterparts had no chance for attacks because the defence lines were too strong.

Our appreciation to Eric Siegel for some pictures that we have copied from his very informative site FIRST WAR TECHNIK.

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