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Telephones of Field Artillery

  • iTD6 (125 A) - Swiss telephone for field artillery with phonetic signaling made in 1935. No name of manufacturer but we believe that this field telephone was made by "Hasler A.-G." of Bern.

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Housed in a wooden cabinet, using 3 VDC internal battery. WHD = 325 х 250 х 130 mm, weight (less battery) 4.8 kg

We have in our possession, pictures of similarly looking field telephone 366 A where the name of manufacturer could be seen - "Hasler A.-G., Bern".

Model 125 A definitely bears a resemblance to German telephone for field artillery of 1914. No wonder because by the beginning of 20th century, "Hasler A.-G." of Bern used to buy licenses for field telephones and other equipment at Siemens & Halske in Germany.

On one of the capacitors inside model 125 A, the date "III 35" could be clearly seen which proves that such field artillery telephones, model 1914, have been supplied to Swiss army even by late 1930s.

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