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USSR Radios

  • A-7-A Mk.I - Infantry / Artillery manpack VHF FM transceiver. 27.0…32.0 MHz, F3, 1W output. Powered by BAS-80 dry batteries (2 pcs) and 2NKN-10 rechargeable battery. Manufactured from mid-1944 in Moscow. 

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As any of A-7-A radios, this version of A-7-A had 9 valves inside. In our Extended Classification of "A-7 Family" Radios it is described in Line No.3. 

Recognition Features: Tuning dial made of metal. "Call" (Vyzov) push-button at the very left followed by "Feedback Adjustment" (Obratnaya Sviaz) button.

Principal recognition feature - 9 valves inside.

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