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USSR Radios

  • A-7-B Mk.I - Infantry / Artillery manpack VHF FM transceiver. 24.0…28.0 MHz, F3, 1W output. Powered by BAS-80 dry batteries (2 pcs) and 2NKN-10 rechargeable battery. Manufactured from mid-1945 in Moscow. 

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As any of A-7-B radios, this version of A-7-B had 10 valves inside. In our Extended Classification of "A-7 Family" Radios it is described in Line No.7. 

Recognition Features: Tuning dial made of metal. Filament adjustment button in the middle, neon bulb at the right of tuning dial (red rim) to tune radio to the maximum output power.

Principal recognition feature - 10 valves inside.

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