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Field Telephones of WW I

  • iTF6 (Tel 22) - Japanese field telephone with magneto signaling supplied to Russian army during WW I. Made by Nippon Electric Co., Tokyo, Japan. WHD = 305 х 205 х 150 mm, weight (less battery) 5.3 kg.

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Most of us know that there was a war between Russia and Japan in 1904-1905, and that Russia was defeated in that war. The fact that in WW I Russia and Japan have been allies, not enemies, is not so widely known.

Nevertheless here is an evidence of military supplies from Japan to Russian army. The top line on the field telephone label says that the supplier was "Okura & Co." located in Tokyo, Japan. The second label below appears to be of military depot of Polish army. Looks like this field telephone was in use by Russian troops in Polish territory and was left behind when Russia declared in March, 1918, it steps out of WW I.

Please note that all the letters on the top panel of this field telephone are Russian, not English. In particular, Russian letter "L" which looks quite different from English "L". Unfortunately the schematic diagram of our telephone attached to the top cover has no letter designations at all.

Yet similar field telephone of Japanese make belonging to Domenico Cramarossa of Italy while having same label of "Okura & Co." and Russian letters on its top panel, also has its schematic diagram in Russian language!

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